Saturday, March 28, 2009

Welcome To Spring In North Dakota!

Here it is the end of March and we have 8" of snow on the ground and a raging river at our driveway. We are okay. We lost the fight in 1997 and since then built high enough to sustain any flood. The horses are tucked into their stalls. We laid in enough bedding, feed and supplies to last a month. We hope to have roads back in 3 weeks, if we don't get a lot of spring rains.

Right now, to make a trip to town, we put our waders on and walk about a quarter of a mile to the railroad tracks. We change shoes and walk about a mile to the car or pickup. We think twice about how much we want to bring back from our trip.

An Awesome Secret was moved to higher ground with road access, to ensure shipments to Fed Ex. Fed Ex is still working out the details as far as over night shipments. In this case, their airport access is in Grand Forks, ND. That is an 80 mile drive north on questionable routes. Our river flows north. Grand Forks is much better protected since they lost their city in 1997, so we are anticipating evreyrthing to be better this Monday, after the river crests in Fargo and designated routes become avaialbe. Thanks for hanging in there with us. We are doing everything we can to fill orders as they come in.

It is amazing how wonderful our community is, and how everyone pulls together! We are encouraged by the number of emails we have had from our extended Appaloosa Family across the country. We feel fortunate that we are safe, yet somewhat inconvenienced. There are many that have lost their homes, either temporarily or in some case permanently. We are very fortunate.

Thank you for your concern and keep everyone in danger of the flood in your thought and prayers. The clean up is going to another challenge.

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