Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The last flood post! I promise.

With a little effort, nobody gets their feet wet. The key is to keep the wheels between the markers, which I have pointed out (a steel fence post in the foreground and a reflecter in the ditch). A little further out it is much deeper. Drive slow. This gets us to the railroad tracks. Then, a one mile power walk, gets you to the vehicle. Even though the Red River has gotten more press because of the threat to Fargo, in all likely hood, The Sheyenne will take out more individual homes across the state.The chances of getting the rest of our mares bred before May is no longer an option. The good news is that An Awesome Secret is still collecting and at another location.
Sheyenne Predicted at Record Level.
The Weather Service says the Sheyenne River is expected to rise to 22 feet in Valley City, about 60 miles from Fargo, by Tuesday, April 14, 2009, or 2 feet higher than the record 20 feet set in 1882.All but one of Valley City's 11 bridges will be closed if that happens. They worry that rising water will spread quickly over the flat valley, flooding roads and homes.
The Sheyenne River is expected to remain high at least 3 weeks. It won't crest here, until the end of the week.We are looking forward to 60 degrees today!!! Predictions of over an inch of rain on Friday. Just keeps the water around a little longer. Our 2 Acre island is high, but call ahead if you are coming to visit. We'll meet you at the tracks.

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