Sunday, April 12, 2009

Double Take?

This filly was born on April 6th . Just a few days after her big brother, Smitty arrived. There is a remarkable family resemblance, although, the mares do not carry any of the same bloodlines. You can tell An Awesome Secret is their daddy. She is 5 days old here. Her mother is Smooth Vision, a big, colored, dun mare. The filly qualifies for the Foundation Pedigree Designation (FPD) on her papers. (23 ApHC horses in the first 4 generations). 100% ApHC in the first 3 generations. Her blanket isn't quite as bright as big brother, Smitty's, but she is definitely going to turn a few heads, and there is not doubt, she is an Appaloosa. She is the kind that will halter as a youngster and ride as she matures. Then, she will be the kind that will be an asset to any Appaloosa breeding program. These are the kind of babies we love to sell, because she will make her new owner proud to say..."Yep, she's an Appaloosa, my Breed of Choice!"

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