Monday, December 28, 2009

America's Most Wanted

Warning For Those That Have Dogs and Horses!

Don't let those innocent blue eyes fool you!
Keep an eye on your dog. It seems our dog went on a killing spree under the cloak of night. I'm not sure if we interrupted him before he had completed his task, or if he had grown bored after the horse didn't fight back.

He may have had an accomplice, known as Miss Reba, but she has never been known to be this blatant in an attack of this kind. She is a petite little red head that runs with Blue on occasion.

They are both dogs of interest and have not been charged with any crime. They are wanted for questioning.
To show the devastation of the attack I am including photos taken from the crime scene and an amateur photo by an eyewitness.
As told by the Smiths,
"We woke up to an incredible shock this morning and we know it was him. Our newest horse added to the group was found down with a torn leg and one ear literally chewed off. After looking closer we realized the tail had been chewed as well. We know it was Blue. We found him with the evidence and DNA around his mouth. We knew he could get after the squirrels and rabbits, but we never thought he would tear into a horse. I guess we have learned."
I have included a picture of the horse at the bottom of the page. It is graphic. If it can prevent even one accident from happening, it will be worth it. Please do not let small children view these graphic images. We are including them only to show you the brutality that occurred.

Click to enlarge veiws.

Please feel free to share these photos and contact us if you know of Blue. Apparently, there are others of his bloodlines that have shown these violent behaviors, as well. These savage fighters have taken on tigers and bears.

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