Monday, December 7, 2009

I Found A New Favorite Place To Shop!

I had the chance to visit the Appaloosa Museum in March of 2009. What a wonder place of memories and heritage. I asked myself if I had anything that could be donated. I wish I hadn’t thrown out my polyester, only worn once, western suit from the 70’s. I wonder if it would have been displayed as a past trend. I truly enjoyed the Heritage Center and the gift shop. If my suitcase had been bigger I would have tucked a few more things away. There was everything from art to children’s books and toys to books and clothing! If I would have had more time, I would have been going through the books in their library. You have to take the time to visit this wonderful place so many folks have spent a lifetime creating for us members if the breed.
It takes a little cash to keep the “drive alive”. Mark and I probably don’t have the historic memorabilia that would be of interest to donate, but we did donate a breeding of our 2003 stallion, An Awesome Secret. We offer a very limited number of breedings to him, but the Heritage Center is a place we would like to see grow and remain open. It was sad to see the Roy Rogers Museum closing. I hope our club does not have to ever face that decision. If you are looking for a great Appaloosa gift for anyone in your circle of Appaloosa friends or family, browse through the gift shop. If you don’t see what you are looking for, pick up the phone. They can’t get it all on the web site. The profits go to a great cause and there really is something for everyone.

While you are shopping online, buy a raffle ticket or two. It is tax deductible and the back of the ticket makes a great gift tag. If you need a mare to use your in your breeding program, I think I could help you with that, too! If we don’t have one, I would be happy to refer you to someone who might.
Think about the discovered photo we treasure when we find it or see a picture of a horse in the pedigree of our favorite horse that has long since passed…or the remembered folks that started the registration of this wonderful breed. We all have our mentors that got us hooked. Before you toss that photo, send it to the museum with a note of the person or horse. I bet they would love to have it.

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